Learning on the job

With Hutchinson Thomas currently offering a number of secretarial positions at the firm, a question recently sent in the law Gazette caught my attention.

It came from a graduate who had decided he wanted to work in law and was figuring out the best route to a training contract. Although interested in secretary/paralegal jobs he wasn’t sure if he’d stand much of a chance as he wasn’t yet legally qualified (the gentleman was about to start a Graduate Diploma in Law).

Hutchinson Thomas regularly employs law graduates in secretarial and paralegal positions who haven’t yet done their LPC – in fact it’s something that we actively seek.

As a firm we think it’s a fantastic way to learn the ropes and to find new potential solicitors. A number of our paralegals have gone on to do training contracts with us. As Masood Ahmed, Associate professor at the University of Leicester replied to the writer of the question:

“You do not necessarily need legal experience for a secretarial position at a law firm. Taking this position will however, help you learn and develop practical skills such as oral communication, organisation, dealing with clients and gaining a basic understanding of legal procedures.”

This is exactly what we feel. There’s no better way to learn than on the job. If we know that a secretary or paralegal is planning to become a solicitor, we try to ensure that when ready, they take on basic legal administrative tasks. This experience will not only help them with their studies as they go on to qualify, but will also give an extra edge to their CV.

To find out what’s on offer at Hutchinson Thomas the moment, take a look at our vacancies page.