Settlement Agreements

Has your employer asked you to sign a settlement agreement for redundancy or when leaving the firm?

Don’t sign a settlement agreement before taking legal advice – it’s your right.and you won’t have to pay for it.

It is standard practice for your employer to pay for you to receive independent legal advice on the legal effect of the signing of a settlement agreement.

We have twenty years’ experience in providing settlement agreement advice to individuals or groups of individuals and can make sure that your best interests are protected.

Why do I need legal advice for a settlement agreement?

If you have been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, the law states that it is necessary for you to have independent legal advice in order for it to be valid and binding.

We can assist you in negotiating the best terms, not only in the amount to be paid but also in terms of obtaining a good employer reference for future employment.

You will be made aware of your options, so you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether the settlement agreement is best for you and how it affects you.

We offer a first-class, transparent service to give the best possible outcome in your situation.

Our settlement agreement team provide:

1.     Same day appointments.

2.     Clear explanations and expert advice on the terms of the agreement.

3.     Your options and whether you should be seeking more than the offer already made to you.

Our employment law team can usually complete the work within 24 hours of you making contact.

The advice can be given either in person, by Skype/Face-time or by telephone.

If you wish to receive an immediate response to your enquiry, please telephone Simon Thomas on 01639 640164 or email at