Employment Law Advice and Services for Employers

We can offer:

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbook

Getting your Contracts of Employment right from the off is critical – but regular reviews are vital.

These days, many employers HR Policies and Procedures are out of date, meaning they may not be protected against costly litigation.

It is critical for HR policies and procedures to be updated regularly – and our experienced employment law solicitors can help you do that.

Disputes and Grievances in the Workplace

Whether a dispute between co-workers, or a manager and employee, legal advice at an early stage is often the best way to prevent disputes escalating.

As well as putting the right grievance policy in place to offer robust protection for the Employer, we can also offer legal advice on the best way forward should a dispute occur, including mediation, disciplinary proceedings and settlement agreements where appropriate.

Employment Law Advice – Tribunal Defence

Our employment law specialists will work with your in-house HR team to prevent things escalating to this stage, however should a current or ex-employee seek to take you to a tribunal, we will work with you to defend the claim and reach the best outcome.

Advice on Redundancy and Settlement Agreements

Where an employee is leaving the business, whether due to redundancy or has their contract of employment terminated at your request, it is important that your interests are protected with a Settlement Agreement.  This protects you from further litigation.

In these situations, the employee is able to seek the costs for obtaining legal advice prior to signing the agreement, so it is essential that employers work with an employment law solicitor to ensure that the settlement agreement is watertight and offers protection from future litigation.

Our experienced Employment Law specialists will be on hand to guide you through the process, leaving you confident and secure that your interests are protected.